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Life insurance. Because security is everything.

Brink’s Money knows security

Brink's Money is dedicated to the idea that you deserve to be safe in your home and in life.

With over 170 years of uninterrupted service, Brink's understands protection. Brink's Money, a subsidiary of Brink's that provides consumers with trusted financial products and solutions, is dedicated to the idea that you deserve to be safe in life.

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Our commitment to you

With Brink's Money, every customer is like family and we’re dedicated to protecting those who love you. Our reputation is a testament to our standard of excellence and something we take very seriously.

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How Does it Work?

Buying life insurance should be simple. With that in mind, we went to work and built an easy, user-friendly digital way to protect your family.


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Give us some details like name, gender and birthday – simple!


Your Health

To give you the best plan for your life, you’ll be asked some general health questions.


Plan Details

Our engine will process your information and offer options that fit your life.

At Brink’s Money, we are committed to delivering a simple, responsive insurance solution, backed by trusted partners.

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